Wednesday, March 04, 2009

No Pasta for Gaza

No Pasta to Gaza Until Hamas Frees Kidnapped Soldier -Marty Peretz

Hamas is still targeting rockets into the cities and towns of southern Israel.

I believe that Israel should allow no aid to Gaza until projectiles of death have stopped endangering life in Israel. Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is still in captivity after 32 months since his kidnapping. Hamas has been playing with this man's life for all that time.

You want to put real pressure on the mad Sunni warriors? Then put real pressure on them. Let the Israelis demonstrate that no spaghetti and no boards and nails enter Gaza until this hostage is freed.
(New Republic)


Young Activist said...

Shalit is a soldier, Israel holds hundreds of Palestinian woman and children hostage, everything has to be understood in context. That doesn't make what Hamas has done right, but its missing the point, or perhaps making the point of a partisan, to look only at the crimes Hamas while Israel is starving the population of a territory it just massacred, deliberately killing hundreds of innocent people. Attacking a civilian population in an effort to achieve a political aim (the weakening of Hamas) is terrorism, and the scale of Israeli terrorism is far greater than anything the Palestinians have ever done.

Bruce said...

Thank you for your comments.

You miss an obvious point: Hamas purposely hides within a civilian population ['kill my people please'] and purposely trys to kill civilians; while Israel is protecting its civilian population and trying to minimize civilian causualties. If you didn't catch it, Israel called occupants of buildings it planned to target before hitting them.

Since Hamas has declared war on Israel, closing its border is a perfectly acceptable approach. Notice please, that Egypt has also closed their border...but you don't accuse Egypt of "starving" Gaza.