Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Upside Down World

Humanitarian Situation in Turkey Worse than Gaza -Ben-Dror Yemini

Turkey was the most prominent country in the recent flotilla, but according to a number of indicators, the humanitarian situation in Turkey is worse than it is in Gaza.

Infant mortality in Gaza is 17.7 per thousand; in Turkey it is 24.8.
Life expectancy in Gaza is 73.7, whereas in Turkey it is 72.2.
Most of the world's inhabitants are - according to objective data - in a worse situation than the residents of Gaza. This includes those who live in Turkey under Erdogan's rule. Even by other indicators, such as personal computer use or Internet access, the situation of the residents of Gaza is much better than most of the world's inhabitants.

Two years ago, a British politician claimed that life expectancy in Glasgow East was much lower than in Gaza. The claim caused an uproar. Britain's Channel 4 carried out a scrupulous check and found the claim to be true. Thus, it is a little strange that humanitarian aid comes from people whose situation is worse. It is Turkey that needs the help.

American aid per capita to Gaza is 7.5 times higher than aid per capita to Haiti, though by any possible indicator, the residents of Gaza are incomparably better off than the residents of Haiti.

Palestinians in Gaza are better off than most of their brethren in neighboring countries.

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