Thursday, December 16, 2010

Find the Terrorist, Not the Bomb

Israel's Approach: "Are you a terrorist?" -David Rose

The security checks at Israel's Ben-Gurion International Airport are intense, but they are surprisingly discreet. There are no groups of armed police patrolling through the concourses.

The new intrusive body scanners recently introduced in America are not in use.

Instead, Ben-Gurion's critical line of defense consists of polite, highly trained agents, most of them women, who will speak to every passenger while they wait to check in.

"We operate on the principle that it's much more effective to detect the would-be terrorist than try to find his bomb," says a senior Israeli official.

"The 9/11 hijackers killed 3,000 people without real weapons or explosives. To be safe, you have to be able to stop the person who has hostile intentions. That's how our system works." 

The Israelis call this method 'behaviour pattern analysis'...
(Daily Mail-UK)


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