Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Palestine By Numbers: The New Face of Anti-Israel Bias at the New York Times

The new face of anti-Israel bias at the New York Times, Jodi Rudoren heads their Jerusalem Bureau...can't the New York Times find a decent reporter?

By the Numbers: The New York Times' Palestinian Prisoner Article

The New York Times published a report by its new Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren regarding Palestinian prisoners on a hunger strike.

Number of quoted words by Palestinian supporters of Palestinian prisoners: 269.
Number of words explaining the Israeli rationale behind administrative detention: 0.
Number of paragraphs before Rudoren gets around to letting readers know that the stars of her article are members of Islamic Jihad: 14.
Countries and groups that list Islamic Jihad as a terrorist organization: U.S., Canada, EU, UK and Australia.

Number of people murdered by Islamic Jihad: Hundreds.
Number of rockets fired at Israeli cities and towns by Islamic Jihad: Hundreds.
Number of references in the article to those attacks: 0.

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