Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Blood Money: Palestinian Authority Pays Terrorists

PA Paying Millions to Jailed Terrorists, Families of Suicide Bombers -Ilan Ben Zion

As of May 2011, the Palestinian Authority spent $4.5 million per month on compensating Palestinian inmates in Israeli prisons and a further $6.5 million on payments to families of suicide bombers, Israel's Channel 2 TV reported.

Last year Prime Minister Salam Fayyad tripled their monthly pay. The PA-funded salaries equally benefit members of Fatah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, as well as Israeli Arabs jailed for security offenses.

Hamas terrorist Abbas al-Sayyeed, convicted of planning the 2002 Park Hotel massacre in which 30 Israeli civilians were killed, is paid $3,000 per month by the PA.
(Times of Israel)


LHwrites said...

These are the things aid should be threatened for, but of course they pay them because they were working for them. A terrible situation that the world does not seem willing to help solve. I am starting to think the world believes there is no dealing with the Palestinians, and that they can just use the Israelis as scapegoats while still supporting them and funding them and in the end this attitude will just continue the status quo.

Bruce said...

Indeed, it has become the status quo.