Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cartoon To "Celebrate" the UN Vote on "Palestine"

A cartoon worth a thousand words

Abbas' UN Gambit Will Not Bring Peace -Gilead Sher & Amos Yadlin

On November 29, the PLO under PA President Mahmoud Abbas is likely to request a UN vote on international recognition of Palestine as a "non-member state," and is expected to win a majority.
(Institute for National Security Studies-Tel Aviv University)


Today Could Have Been Palestine's 65th Birthday -Irwin Cotler

Nov. 29 marks the 65th anniversary of the UN Partition Resolution of 1947 - the first-ever blueprint for an Israeli-Palestinian "two states for two peoples" solution.

While Jewish leaders accepted the resolution, Arab and Palestinian leaders did not, launching a war of aggression against the nascent Jewish state.

Had the UN Partition Resolution been accepted, there would have been no 1948 Arab- Israeli war, no refugees, and none of the pain and suffering of these past 65 years.

Indeed, today's date could have been a day commemorating the 65th anniversary of the establishment of both the State of Israel and the State of Palestine.
The writer is the former Minister of Justice of Canada.


UN Palestine Vote Is "Diplomatic Theater"  -Isabel Kershner

"Ultimately, what we will see at the United Nations is diplomatic theater," said Mark Regev, a spokesman for the Israeli government. 
(New York Times)

What Will Palestinians Do After the UN Vote? -Editorial

Progress will require Palestinian leaders who are willing to do more than lob rockets at Israel - or submit pointless petitions to the UN.
(Washington Post)

Palestine's Muddled Statehood Strategy -Robert M. Danin

President Obama has urged the Palestinians for over a year not to push a vote at the UN. Abbas clearly and inauspiciously rebuffed him in a gesture that will no doubt figure into Obama's calculations for his upcoming Middle East policies.
(Council on Foreign Relations)

Accomplices in a Campaign to Annihilate a UN Member -Shlomo Slonim

Once a Palestinian state with pre-1967 borders - including part of Jerusalem - is endorsed by international bodies dominated by automatic majorities, Israel's presence in the territories is further delegitimized and its self-defensive measures can be discredited. Israel could then be charged with occupying the territory of a foreign state.

Abbas' goal is not to create a Palestinian state living peacefully side by side with Israel, but to replace Israel.
(Jerusalem Post)

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