Thursday, March 28, 2013

Watch North Korea & Iran

How Iran Could Get the Bomb Overnight -Edward Jay Epstein

The West has tried to stop Iran from manufacturing nuclear weapons by diplomacy, sanctions and cybersabotage, and with the threat of military action if Tehran crosses red lines in moving toward the final stages of making a bomb. If Iran becomes discouraged in its efforts, an easier and more immediately dangerous option is available: buying nuclear weapons from North Korea.

Since the U.S. has munitions capable of destroying all of Iran's centrifuges above ground at Natanz and sealing off the entrances to its underground facilities at Fordo - plus the Stealth bombers to deliver these knockout punches - Iran would likely lose the means to manufacture nuclear weapons before it could make a single one.

But what if Iran buys one or two nuclear warheads from North Korea?

[North Korea] claims it has nuclear warheads that fit on its No Dong medium-range ballistic missiles. If that claim is true, then mounting the warheads on Iran's Shahab missiles, which are copies of the North Korean ones, would present little problem.
(Wall Street Journal)


John Vagabond said...

Kim Jong-Un is a spoiled brat who wants to make a name for himself as a tough guy. His propaganda machine sends out stuff like this for local consumption...

Ahmedinajad is likely to be replaced by an even harder liner. Despite the fact that both big up the rhetoric, the combination looks worrisome. Perilous, even.

Bruce said...

Agree 100%.
The video you shared is quite bizarre. No birds in America?...we're all living in tents?...oh my.