Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Iranian Posturing

Why is Rouhani smiling?

Iran Prepared to Shut Down Fordo Nuclear Site - Erich Follath

According to intelligence sources, Iran's new president, Hassan Rouhani, is reportedly prepared to decommission the Fordo enrichment plant and allow international inspectors to monitor the removal of the centrifuges. In return, he could demand that the U.S. and Europe rescind their sanctions.

When it comes to a possible deal, though, the devil is in the details: Who would monitor the dismantling of the centrifuges? Will the 185 kilos (408 pounds) of enriched material that has been produced so far - three-quarters of what is needed to produce a nuclear warhead - be placed under supervision? And how will it even be transported? What will happen with the heavy water reactor at Arak, which is expected to become operational in 2014 and begin producing plutonium that can also be used to build nuclear bombs?

Friends and foes alike agree that the Iranians are master tacticians.
(Der Spiegel-Germany)

Netanyahu, Obama to Discuss Iran's Nuke Program 

Prime Minister Netanyahu told the Israeli Cabinet that during his upcoming visit to the UN he will first meet with President Obama. "I intend to focus on the issue of stopping Iran's nuclear program.

The way to stop Iran's nuclear program requires four steps:
1. Halting all uranium enrichment;
2. Removing all enriched uranium;
3. Closing Qom; and
4. Stopping the plutonium track.

Until all four of these measures are achieved, the pressure on Iran must be increased and not relaxed, and certainly not eased."  
(Prime Minister's Office)

Syria Deal Proves Military Threat Deters Rogue Regimes

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said:
"The latest developments, in which a diplomatic solution is emerging for Syria to be disarmed of chemical weapons...is proof to the countries of the free world that a significant and credible military threat, as applied at the beginning of the crisis, deters dangerous rogue regimes and is able to advance a diplomatic solution to disarming countries of weapons of mass destruction.... In other words, he who seeks peace must prepare for war."

"In parallel, from our point of view, the world must display clear and uncompromising determination toward the extremist regime in Tehran and its advancing program to develop a military nuclear weapon." 
(AFP-Ynet News)

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LHwrites said...

The devil would certainly be in the details for Iran, as it will be with Syria. A credible threat of military action is effective. The world is a complicated place. When Saddam Hussein saw we were serious, and gathering our forces to go in, he relented and offered to let in the inspectors---but we ignored him because we had a covert agenda the American people were not privy to at the time. Hopefully, America, and the world, have learned better, and while the military option must always be on the table, and sure, leaders of other nations will lie and stall, we still have to be ready to accept a possible acquiescence, even at the 11th hour.