Wednesday, November 06, 2013

50% of Americans Favor US Hitting Iran

Poll: Americans Strongly Support Israel, Oppose U.S. Involvement in Peace Talks

A new ADL survey of the American public found continuing strong public support for Israel.

76% said Israel can be counted on as a strong U.S. ally, while 64% said they believe Israel is serious in reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians. Three times as many Americans - 48-16 - expressed sympathy for Israel than for the Palestinians. 62% of Americans said that peace between Israelis and Palestinians should be achieved by them with minimal U.S. involvement. 29% said peace could not happen without U.S. leadership.

50% (vs. 41%) support U.S. military action, if necessary, to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and 46% (vs. 42%) believe sanctions against Iran should remain until they give up their weapons program. If Israel attacked Iran to stop its nuclear program, 40% said the U.S. should support Israel, 48% said the U.S. should be neutral, and 9% said the U.S. should oppose it.   

At the same time, 81% could not trust Iran when it says it will not develop nuclear weapons, and 74% did not believe Iran will abide by its public commitment not to develop nuclear weapons.
(Anti-Defamation League)

PA Wants EU, UN, Russia Involved in Peace Talks - Khaled Abu Toameh

The Palestinian Authority appears to be doing its utmost to internationalize the conflict with Israel. The Palestinians want other international parties, especially the EU, UN, and Russia, to play a major role in the current U.S.-sponsored peace talks, since these parties are perceived as being more sympathetic to, and supportive of, the Palestinians.

The PA's biggest fear is that Washington will try to impose a solution that would certainly fail to win the backing of most Palestinians and Arabs. A forced solution, Palestinians warn, would severely undermine the credibility of the PA leadership, who would be accused of capitulating to American pressure. Kerry and his team are evidently unaware that neither Abbas, whose term of office expired several years ago, nor any other Palestinian leader is authorized to make real concessions to Israel.

Abbas has begun moves in the international community to persuade as many countries as possible to get involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The PA's strategy now is to prove to the world that...the U.S. cannot be trusted with brokering a solution.
(Gatestone Institute)


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