Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Video Deflects Media Criticism of Israel

Combat Cameramen Disprove Palestinian Propaganda - Yuval Azulai

Last August, IDF combat cameraman Naor Blanco joined a nighttime operation to arrest a wanted terrorist in the Jenin refugee camp.

"Shortly after we went in, they started shooting at us from different directions," Blanco recounts. "That whole time, I held the camera and documented the battle and the exchanges of fire."

"According to reports that had already been released by Palestinian sources, the IDF had purportedly perpetrated crimes in the nighttime operation."

In Blanco's video of the event, which was distributed to all the media networks, "there was clear documentation of the fact that it was the terrorists who opened fire on us. The footage left no doubt that the forces that operated in the field acted with restraint, and the soldiers only fired when a life-threatening situation arose."

"The footage included cries of 'Kill the Jews,' which could be heard constantly in the background. There is nothing better than seeing something with your own eyes, so headlines saying 'The IDF invaded Jenin' were switched within minutes and updated to say 'The IDF carried out an anti-terrorist operation in Jenin.'"

"My footage from the field changed the entire thrust of the event's coverage."


LHwrites said...

It was fortunate he had the presence of mind to film that!

Bruce said...

The major media outlets have barely learned their lesson,,,they continue to use "Palestinian sources" without corroboration.