Friday, May 02, 2014

Obama Administration Sinks to New Low

The Obama Administration's new jab at Israel is reminding some of former President Jimmy Carter, a vociferous critic of Israel

Israel Police Challenge U.S. "Terror" Findings 
Israeli police challenged Washington's inclusion of Jewish extremist attacks on Palestinians in a global terror report, saying such incidents could not be likened to militant attacks.

For the first time, the State Department's 2013 Country Reports on Terrorism, published Wednesday, included a reference to anti-Palestinian vandalism, known as "price tag" attacks.    

Israel Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said there "is vandalism with nationalistic motives but these are not nationalistic attacks on Palestinians."    

"You cannot compare whatsoever between terrorist acts, the cold-blooded killing of Israelis, and...vandalism on that level."

Israeli Minister: "Graffiti Is Not Murder" - Spencer Ho     

Israel's Minister of Communications Gilad Erdan castigated the U.S. State Department report on Thursday.    

He told Channel 10 TV: "We are not talking about acts of murder; this is graffiti. There is a difference between murder and destruction of property."

"We are taking these appalling acts very seriously," he said. "These are immoral, criminal acts that damage the State of Israel."
(Times of Israel)


LHwrites said...

This is very unfortunate and a poor choice the U.S. has made. The cartoon is less accurate because there are very few similarities between the two administrations, and in fact, Jimmy Carter became a critic of Israel after leaving office. It may be some idea about showing an even handedness and fairness to all parties but this was a very wrongheaded inclusion and decision.

Bruce said...

Agreed. Except Jimmy Carter was very unpopular while he was president, particularly among Jewish Americans.