Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gaza: The Song Remains The Same

What Is to Be Done About Gaza? -Efraim Inbar

Hamas' refusal to accept a ceasefire indicates that the Protective Edge operation has so far failed to attain its modest goal of calm on Israel's border with Gaza. 

Operation Protective Edge has not weakened or threatened Hamas enough to encourage it to accept a ceasefire.  Reconquering Gaza is an unlikely option.  Involving international actors to help manage the conflict, uprooting Hamas leadership, and/or re-instating Mahmud Abbas as leader in Gaza are equally unlikely solutions. 

Consequently, the only option available to Israel is...launching another ground attack to the point where Hamas fears that its rule over Gaza is at stake
[Middle East Forum]

Hamas Threatens Escalation - Jason Burke

Hamas deputy information minister Ihab al-Ghussein threatened a "major escalation" of rocket strikes against Israel if Israel did not respond to Palestinian demands, as sporadic rocket fire from Gaza into Israel continued.

Standoff at Gaza Cease-Fire Talks - Avi Issacharoff

At the Gaza cease-fire talks in Cairo, Israel and Egypt are jointly determined not to give Hamas what it wants. There's an Israeli readiness to ease border restrictions and to expand fishing rights off the Gaza coast, but nothing more than that. Cairo, too, is emphasizing to Hamas that it can forget about a seaport or an airport unless or until all of Gaza is demilitarized.

For now, at least, Hamas wants to be seen as refusing to capitulate. Hamas hopes there'll be enough pressure on Jerusalem to give it some kind of gain that would allow it to come out from the corner it's painted itself into.
(Times of Israel)

Hamas Needs Deaths in Order to Claim Victory - Bassem Eid

Hamas paved the road for the death of our people. Indeed, Hamas needs these deaths in order to claim victory. Death of its own people empowers Hamas, enabling it to accrue more money and more arms.

The lesson is that we must rid ourselves of Hamas and completely demilitarize Gaza. Then we will open up the border crossings. I say this as a loyal Palestinian and because I care for my own people.
The writer is a human rights activist and a political commentator.
(i24 News)

It's Anti-Semitism, Stupid -Efraim Karsh

Let's admit it: Israel can never win the media war against Hamas. No matter what it does, no matter how hard it tries. Not because the Islamist terror group is the underdog in this conflict, but because the sight of Arabs killing Jews (or other Arabs for that matter) is hardly news; while the sight of Jews killing Arabs cannot be tolerated.
[Jerusalem Post]

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