Thursday, February 19, 2015

The West's Tolerance of Palestinian Thugocracy

The West's Israel Obsession - Evelyn Gordon

The Jerusalem Post reported last week that a leading Palestinian hospital is at risk of closure because of a $30 million debt. A major reason for this debt is that for years, the Palestinian Authority has failed to pay Mokassed Hospital for many of the patients it treats, though the PA has ample funds to pay generous salaries to thousands of terrorists sitting in Israeli jails. It's a matter of priorities.

Another news report notes that thousands of Palestinians who bought homes in the new Palestinian city of Rawabi can't move in because the city isn't connected to the water system. Why? Because all West Bank water projects need approval by the Israeli-Palestinian Joint Water Committee, which the PA has refused to convene for the last five years. Evidently, it would rather deprive its own people of better housing than agree to meet with Israeli officials.

Almost 40% of the PA's budget consists of foreign aid, with the vast majority coming from Western countries. The West is therefore uniquely placed to pressure the PA to alter its priorities, but it has refused to do so. 


LHwrites said...

This is true and has been going on for years. They have received an awful lot of money over the years and have very little in the way of improved infrastructure or lifestyle to show for it. Part of it is it becomes less enticing to die a martyr when your standard of living is higher and rising. However, all of this is currently being drowned out by Israel withholding tax payments. While it doesn't matter if it is being drowned out since it has been ignored for decades; it isn't helping Israel's international relations at a time when they are already having some issues.

Bruce said...

The tax payments are not exactly being withheld...they are reimbursing Israeli utility companies who have not been paid by the PA for providing services. I don't think it's fair that Israel has to pay for keeping the PA's lights on.

LHwrites said...

I hear you and that is an interesting point--- but I hadn't heard about that and I doubt most others who hear about the taxes are aware of that situation.

John Vagabond said...

Self-evidently, the PA is not capable of state formation, since basic infrastructure is a prerequisite which it appears unable to fulfil. If ever "colonialist" order were required, it is here, its infantilising effect notwithstanding. The child cannot manage its own pocket money, so the adult is forced to do it for him.

Bruce said...