Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Progressive Jewish Leader Bucks Obama's Iran Deal

The rejection of Obama's plan by Rabbi Yoffie is big.  He is, perhaps, the most prominent left-leaning Jewish leader in the USA

Rabbi Yoffie at JStreet conference

Not Convinced about Iran Deal - Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie

Even Obama admirers, such as myself, will not be cheering this particular agreement with Iran. Part of the reason is that it is not a very good deal. Iran's nuclear infrastructure remains in place, the Iranians have walked away from long-standing commitments, and the Americans have compromised on long-standing demands.     

But in the final analysis, it is not the specific terms that will most bother U.S. Jews. After years of Iran watching, they know that Iran is an Israel-hating, Holocaust-denying theocracy, and the patron of Hizbullah and other radical groups that are in the business of killing Jews. When in doubt about whether to trust virulently anti-Semitic nations and leaders, the general rule is: Don't.     

The president argues that the deal offers the best possible means to assure Israel's security. The problem is that he is not convincing. His explanation of what will happen if Iran cheats is convoluted and even embarrassing; even the non-expert knows that what he is proposing, at this stage at least, cannot be counted on to work.     

With a weak deal on the table, American Jews want Obama to use the months ahead to forge a much tougher and more effective agreement. 
The writer served as President of the Union for Reform Judaism from 1996 to 2012.


Anonymous said...

The notion that Eric Yoffie is "left leaning" is what is truly embarrassing. In his entire time as leader of the Reform movement he never once had that movement unequivocally push for an end to the Occupation of the West Bank except for the kind of weak statements in favor of a two state solution that Netanyahu also embraced at the time.

Bruce said...

Dear Anonymous,
So the rav is not left wing enough for you...okay. Anyone who speaks at JStreet is left wing to me.
Nonetheless, thankx for reading my blog and for your comment.