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Abbas' Barely Hidden Jihad

Abbas: “We bless every drop of blood spilled for Jerusalem. This is clean and pure blood, blood that was spilled for God. It is Allah’s will that every martyr will go to heaven and every wounded [terrorist] will receive God’s reward.” -quoted in Jerusalem Post

PA Waging Unprecedented Campaign of Incitement - Khaled Abu Toameh

Although Abbas has repeatedly stated during the past few years that he does not want another intifada against Israel, his statements and actions show that he is doing his utmost to spark another wave of violence in order to draw the world's attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and invite international pressure on Israel.
(Gatestone Institute)

A Rising Tide of Terror - David Horovitz

When Palestinian political leaders, spiritual leaders, mainstream media and social media constantly warn that the emotive Al-Aqsa holy site is in danger, as they have done relentlessly, violence is an almost inevitable consequence. 

(Times of Israel)

Fatah Leaders "Salute" Rioters Defending Al-Aqsa Mosque
- Khaled Abu Toameh    

At a meeting in Ramallah on Wednesday, the Fatah Central Council, including PA President Mahmoud Abbas, "saluted" the Palestinians for "rising to defend their al-Aqsa Mosque." 
(Jerusalem Post)

Israeli Escapes Lynching by Palestinian Mob - Roi Yanovsky

Rivi Lev Ohayon, 38, was injured south of Jerusalem after Palestinian attackers smashed her windows with rocks and attempted to physically remove her from the vehicle. "I managed to miraculously escape a lynching attempt," she said. "I noticed a line of about 10 people forming a human barrier. They were all holding rocks, and there were another 10 20-something-year-olds behind them....Ten of them jumped on my car and broke my windshield, while one of them opened my door. I saw my death. He started kicking me, but I managed to lock the door and drive away." Seven Israeli cars were damaged in the attack.

(Ynet News)

U.S. Jewish Leaders: Hold PA Accountable

Abbas and the PA "must be held to account for their direct and indirect roles in inciting the populace, especially the frequent references to Al-Aqsa being 'under siege' when they know that not to be the case....In fact, Israel restricts Jewish worshipers while allowing far greater freedom to Palestinians to pray at this holy site....Urging Palestinians to rise up to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque leads to the inevitable consequence of confrontation and violence." 
(Times of Israel)

Abbas' UN Speech and the Unrest in Jerusalem
- Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi 

Abbas' speech revealed his basic stance, which includes unequivocal support for terror, a racist attitude toward the Jewish people, an entrenched hatred for Israel, and a will to destroy it.

"Palestine is the land of holiness and peace, the birthplace of Jesus the emissary of love and the place of Muhammad's ascent to heaven," Abbas said. He pointedly refrained from mentioning that the land is also holy to the Jewish people whose history has been entwined with it for millennia.

Abbas stated that "Israeli governments have passed...orders to fire live bullets and to arrest and abuse peaceful Palestinian demonstrators." "Peaceful" is how he portrays hurling rocks at passing Israeli vehicles, throwing firebombs at Jews' houses, stabbing Jewish civilians, or running them over with vehicles.

Abbas did not express sorrow or regret over the mounting Palestinian terror against Jews. He did not protest the repressive rule and terror of Hamas in Palestinian Gaza, nor Hamas' aim of violently overthrowing his regime in the West Bank. Nor did he mention that it is only Israel's presence in the main parts of the West Bank that keeps his government in existence.
The writer is a senior researcher at the Jerusalem Center.
(Institute for Contemporary Affairs-Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)


The Recent Wave of Terrorism: Myths, Facts, and Wishful Thinking
- Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror

There is no real proof that "diplomatic initiatives" can quell terrorism. It was when the Oslo Accords were signed and the government was pursuing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process in earnest that explosive devices and suicide bombers exploded nationwide.

We, the Jews, are the stronger party in this fight, and no wave of terrorism, horrific as it may be, will change that. Israel must use its force prudently, only when its results have proven benefits, and only as a last resort.
The writer is a former national security advisor to the Prime Minister of Israel. 
(Israel Hayom)

Nazareth Mayor Slams Arab Leadership for "Destroying Coexistence"
- Raoul Wootliff
Nazareth Mayor Ali Salem

Nazareth Mayor Ali Salem, the Muslim mayor of Israel's largest Arab city, criticized Arab Knesset members for their role in recent violent demonstrations, saying, "I blame the leaders; they are destroying our future, they are destroying coexistence."

"We need to find a way to live together. We cannot fight like this. We are damaging ourselves." 

Salem told Army Radio that he saw Joint (Arab) List chair Ayman Odeh at a violent protest in Nazareth on Thursday night, and told him to leave.
(Times of Israel)

A Stabbing War - David Horovitz

Nobody knows whether this unprecedented spate of Palestinian "suicide stabbings" constitutes the start of another protracted round of conflict. This is a stabbing war born of insistent, hysterical intolerance. Impressionable young Palestinians have been persuaded that their God requires them to kill, and if necessary be killed, to "protect Al-Aqsa."

The false claim that Israel is about to permit Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, or otherwise change the policies that Israel has maintained at the holy site, has been assiduously spread by Hamas, Fatah, and the extremist Northern Branch of Israel's Islamic Movement, widely peddled in mosques and on social media, and bolstered by PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel dare not entrust sovereign legitimacy to a Palestinian nation that is not truly prepared to live alongside what it acknowledges is a rooted, legitimate, revived Jewish state. Until the Palestinians internalize Israel's right to be here, their quest for independence is doomed.

This phase of violence suggests to Israelis that the Palestinians have a knife-wielding, even suicidal, intolerance for the Jewish state's connection to Judaism's holiest place, and that Moshe Dayan's historic decision in 1967 not to fully realize renewed Jewish sovereignty at the Temple Mount - and therefore not to risk a religious confrontation with the Muslim world - has hardened intransigence rather than encouraged the reciprocal imperative for understanding and compromise.
(Times of Israel)


John Vagabond said...

Khaled Abu Toameh, (whom I happen to know) is a voice of reason in a mounting cacophony of chaos, disinformation and outright lies. He says what a great many Israeli Palestinians (other than Muslims) think but are too frightened to articulate. His voice has in recent times taken on a tinge of a cry near the precipice - he knows better than most the price Israel will pay by the world listening to the do-nothing Europeans or the self-righteous Chomskyite Americans cocooned in their rhetoric of Marxism-Leninism. This does not belittle good intentions on both sides of the political divide, but as the proverb darkly points out, is is nonetheless the road to hell. Abbas seems not to understand his own politics since he and he alone is responsible for the outbreak of violence by his irresponsible and inflammatory outbursts which simply opened a hole in the dam that Hamas had been digging away at for months. Strangely two-faced; I once sat 10m away from him at an interfaith event in Bethlehem where he nodded sagely at the priest's sermon, surrounded by bodyguards.

Bruce said...

I am a fan of Khaled Abu Toameh...I am very impressed that you know him.
I agree that Abbas is responsible for this recent outbreak of violence. Also impressed that you sat near him.

Bruce :}