Thursday, November 19, 2015

Calls for an Offensive Strategy with ISIS

How to Fight a Real War on ISIS - Max Boot

As long as the Islamic State continues to administer a "caliphate" - a functioning state - it will continue to serve as inspiration and training ground for jihadists. The fact that Paris has been hit twice this year with terrible terrorist attacks - the Charlie Hebdo attack was in January - shows what everyone already knows: that it is impossible to stop terrorism with a purely defensive strategy. 

The only way to diminish the threat is to go on the offensive
The writer is a Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

Taking the Fight to the Enemy - Naftali Bennett

When fighting Islamic terror, there is one path to victory and that is taking the fight to the enemy. To win, the world needs to go on the offensive.

There is no other way. When you take the fight to enemy territory, the enemy will have difficulty taking the fight to you. Only when that happens will the ability of ISIS to direct attacks in Europe or America be hindered. 
The writer, Israel's minister of education, is a major in the IDF reserves. 
(Wall Street Journal)

Will We Learn Lessons that Paris Attacks Teach? - Clifford D. May 

  • Time and again, the jihadis have demonstrated that they have other values that they are willing - indeed eager - to both kill and die for. Ignoring that, Western leaders speak about "countering violent extremism" through jobs programs and foreign aid. They have maintained that "there is no military solution" and that we can rely on diplomats to effectuate "conflict resolution" employing "soft power."
  • The jihadis are confident that France doesn't have the stomach for a long war. They view not just France but also the EU and NATO as spent forces - weak and war-weary.
  • Is there anyone who has the courage and the leadership skills necessary to resume leadership of the Free World and develop a comprehensive strategy to defeat jihadism in all its forms - Sunni and Shia alike?
  • (Washington Times)

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