Friday, June 17, 2016

Palestinian Children of Graft

Tareq Abbas, son of Mahmoud Abbas

Yasser Abbas, son of Mahmoud Abbas. 
Yasser was named after...well you know that already

Abbas' Sons Must Be Excellent Busienssmen - Clayton Swisher

Tareq Abbas, the son of the Palestinian Authority president, is said to own villas in Amman, Jordan, and a rooftop pad in Beirut, Lebanon. And according to official British Land Registry records from 2012, Tareq registered a $1.5 million luxury flat in Merchant Square East, a high-end London development. Tareq's flat has stayed largely unoccupied since he bought it, which seems to indicate that he does not need the rental income.

The president's eldest son, Yasser, made his fortune from the monopoly sale of U.S.-made cigarettes in the PA. 

Their financial blessings are merely the result of being "Grade A businessmen," Yasser once remarked.
(Al Jazeera)

Palestinians Safer than Muslims Anywhere in MidEast - Sean Durns

Bassem Eid, a veteran Palestinian Arab human rights activist,noted that the PA has received "billions in aid" from the international community, including the U.S., but the authority has "failed to create jobs for Palestinians." He called corruption among the Palestinian leadership "big and wide." "If you ask Palestinians who Abbas represents, they would say himself, 'his wife and two sons.'"

Eid added that if a Palestinian state were to come into being, the current state of Palestinian politics in Gaza and the West Bank would suggest that such a state would be repressive and undemocratic. Eid pointed out that "as a Muslim, as an Arab," he is safer in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than anywhere else in the Middle East. 

Ramallah house of Palestinian businessman Mohamed Abdel-Hadi

Anarchy Returns to the West Bank - Khaled Abu Toameh

A quick chat with young Palestinians, including Fatah members, in any refugee camp in the West Bank will reveal that the PA seems as much the enemy as Israel. They speak of the PA as a corrupt and incompetent body that is managed by "mafia leaders." Many activists believe it is only a matter of time before Palestinians launch an intifada against the PA.

Hassan Abu Ayyash, a Fatah activist from the Al-Amari camp near Ramallah, said the PA leadership is "getting hundreds of millions of dollars from the international community and distributing them among themselves and their sons. Look at all the big buildings and fancy restaurants and bars in Ramallah. Where do they get all the money to purchase expensive cars?" 
(Gatestone Institute)

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