Thursday, August 25, 2016

Carlos Santana & The Changing Winds



Has the Cultural Boycott of Israel Peaked? - Adam Shay 

In the 2016 concert season, there is no shortage of international performers coming to Israel and virtually all categories are represented.

The South African rave-rap duo Die Antwoord, one of the hottest names around, was a prime target for BDS activity. However, the band paid little or no attention to this and once they took the stage in Tel Aviv they told the boycott activists exactly what they thought of them.

Guitar icon Carlos Santana had cancelled his performance in Israel back in 2010 when the cultural boycott was at its height. This is why Santana's recent performance in Tel Aviv was so important.

The fact that a performer of iconic status, who has in the past cancelled a performance, now feels it is safe and legitimate to return, tells us that as far as the cultural boycott is concerned, the worst may very well be behind us.
The writer is an expert on the cultural boycott of Israel.
(Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)

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