Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Arab States Turn Against Palestinian Leadership

- Khaled Abu Toameh 

PA President Mahmoud Abbas is facing a new challenge from several Arab countries that have come together to demand that he reform his ruling Fatah faction and pave the way for the emergence of a new Palestinian leadership.
According to reports in Arab media, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE are seeking to end the state of political anarchy in the territories controlled by the PA and Hamas.
Abbas and Fatah leaders in Ramallah are convinced that the "Arab Quartet" is planning to pave the way for promoting "normalization" between the Arab world and Israel.
These countries have concluded that as long as Abbas and the current PA leadership are around, it would be very difficult to initiate any "normalization" with Israel.
Veteran Palestinian official Ahmed Qurei (Abu Ala), a former PA prime minister and one of the architects of the Oslo Accord, come out in favor of the "Arab Quartet" plan, which basically envisions ousting Abbas from power. 
(Gatestone Institute)

Saudi paper calls for Abbas to accept invitation to address Knesset

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas should accept Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's invitation and address Israel's Knesset, a Saudi newspaper argued in it's editorial.

The English-language Saudi Gazette said that Netanyahu's invitation, issued during his speech to the UN General Assembly last week, was reminiscent of former prime minister Menachem Begin's invitation to former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, which eventually led to the 1978 peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.

"For all its shortcomings, Camp David demonstrated that negotiations with Israel were possible and that progress could be made through sustained efforts at communication and cooperation," the Gazette argued.

The editorial came amid signs that the Saudi media is softening its reporting on Israel, a development that has been linked to under the table contacts between the two countries.
[Jerusalem Post]

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