Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dershowitz Nails Anti-Semitism

Israel Does Not Cause Anti-Semitism - Alan M. Dershowitz

The view that it is Israel that is causing anti-Semitism is simply wrong. Anyone who hates Jews because they disagree with the policy of Israel would be ready to hate Jews on the basis of any pretext.

Has there been growing anti-Chinese feelings around the world as the result of China's occupation of Tibet? Is there growing hatred of Americans of Turkish background because of Turkey's unwillingness to end the conflict in Cyprus? Do Europeans of Russian background suffer bigotry because of Russia's invasion of Crimea? The answer to all these questions is a resounding no. If Jews are the only group that suffers because of controversial policies by Israel, then the onus lies on the anti-Semites rather than on the nation state of the Jewish people.
(Gatestone Institute)


Are Jews ready to leave America? - Dr. Phyllis Chesler

It is important to choose our allies carefully. 

Islamist Linda Sarsour and her Islamist, terrorist, and anti-Zionist allies (such as Angela Davis and Rasmeah Odeh) are making political hay out of the vandalized Jewish cemeteries by offering to raise funds to restore the damaged headstones.

I suggest that the Jewish communities politely and firmly refuse their funding--although I might suggest that Sarsour and Company consider restoring the synagogues and cemeteries that Muslims have been destroying for 1400 years. With tongue in cheek, I might also suggest: Why not start with restoring the Temple in Jerusalem? Any vandalized graves on the Mount of Olives? How about the Jewish gravestones Jordan destroyed?
[Fox News]

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