Monday, April 03, 2017

Trump & MidEast Policy: VideoBite

Daniel Pipes, PhD weighs in on the Trump presidency and his MidEast policy


John MacArthur said...

I'm normally a big fan of Daniel Pipes, but his constant banging on about 'no change' feels a little bit like a tantrum. This ain't the Donald's first rodeo and I suspect that he has people on the ground and on the periphery of all these deals and counter deals and he doesn't feel the need to show his hand just yet. People tend to look for those in charge to 'go all in', to borrow a poker metaphor, but the smart money holds the cards tight for as long as possible.

Bruce said...

All true. I am also a fan of Dr. Pipes. His accusing Trump of having policies that are congruent with Obama's is an interesting posture. Since Dr. Pipes didn't support Trump, perhaps it's a self-fulfilling stance. Perhaps Pipes is wrong and things will develop well...that is certainly my hope.