Tuesday, October 03, 2017

VideoBite: Palestinian "Condemnation" of Terror

A short, poignant video from Honest Reporting


John MacArthur said...

In 2017, half of the $693 million that the PA receives as foreign aid, $345 million, was paid out as stipends to convicted terrorists and their families. We in Europe and the US are footing the bill, but, for how much longer?
The "martyr" payments are "exceedingly popular" among Palestinians and have been described as "part of the ethos of Palestinian society." Ziad Asali, founding president of the American Task Force on Palestine, told a reporter that Palestinian politicians and the media have elevated these payments to the point where they are "sacred in Palestinian politics," and no government dares terminate the practice.
Well, it's about time somebody did. This is a major obstacle to peace, similar in magnitude to the Palestinian objection to Israeli "settlements" in Judea and Samaria. Furthermore, why cannot ordinary Palestinians themselves rise up in protest, since if these payments ceased and of course the corruption dealt with, they would have TWICE as much money with which they could actually start building a state.

Bruce said...

Indeed. It seems to me that the entire Palestinian endeavor is built upon this deadly foundation: blood welfare for those sick enough to invest their lives in the hatred of another people. May their nefarious efforts lead to naught. May their fake freedom quest be revealed as the murderous darkness it is.