Friday, November 03, 2017

The Birthplace of Car Ramming Attacks: IGNORED

Israel has served as the jihad's research and development site

New York City

Ramming Attacks Were Pioneered by Palestinians - Liel Leibovitz 

The sort of ramming attack we witnessed in Manhattan on Tuesday was first used against Israelis by Palestinian terrorists.
The first such attack occurred on Feb. 18, 1987, against an IDF force in the West Bank, wounding two soldiers. [Then on] Nov. 30, 1989, a car driven by a Palestinian terrorist killed Avigdor Dahari, who operated a food stand just outside of Gaza.

[Another attack in] 2001 left eight Israelis dead and 21 wounded, and another in 2008 killed three and wounded 36.

In January 2017, a Palestinian truck driver rammed his vehicle into a crowd of Israeli soldiers at a popular Jerusalem tourist spot, killing four people and wounding 17.

(Tablet-Fox News)

ISIS Murders Have Their Genesis in Yasser Arafat - Philippe Assouline 

After doing so with suicide bombings in the '90s, Palestinian Jihadists invented, tested and made ever more lethal truck terrorism, stabbing rampages and mass shootings of Israelis. 
Palestinians saw that those indiscriminate and savage murders didn’t backfire politically or trigger any meaningful Western outrage.
If terrorism is rewarded or even explained away when it targets Israeli innocents, the same terrorism will then spread to Europe, Canada, India, and the U.S.
It has to become taboo to target any civilians, for any professed cause, at any time. 
(Los Angeles Jewish Journal)

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