Wednesday, December 20, 2017

VideoBite: Obama Protected Terror Group

Obama sank to unimaginable lows to protect his Iran Deal


John MacArthur said...

I think that this was more bad judgement than bad luck. Mr Obama was desperate for even a small foreign policy success - he didn't get it in Ramallah because John Kerry got swamped in the sea of mendacity that is the PA and made no progress. The Iran deal might have had some traction but they all failed to really understand that the Iranians cheated, lied and deceived from the beginning and thought nothing of it. All he tried to do was play by his own set of rules which just didn't work. It took the Israelis and Stuxnet to make progress. Cheating? We'll show you how to cheat, Tehran. And get away with it.

Bruce said...

Excellent point about the Stuxnet virus! Thank you. Bruce :)