Monday, August 17, 2009

Jerusalem & Jihad: 'turning up the flames'

Is Eastern Jerusalem "Occupied Territory"? -Richard L. Cravatts

The Palestinians now insist that Jerusalem must be divided to give them a capital in its eastern portion as the location of their new state. But these have always been points for future negotiations, at least before the State Department gave public expression to its new view that eastern Jerusalem has already been assumed to be the Palestinian capital.

In The Fight for Jerusalem: Radical Islam, the West, and the Future of the Holy City, Dore Gold [pictured above] notes that in their desire to accede to Arab requests for a presence and religious sovereignty in Jerusalem, Western states and Islamic apologists may actually ignite the jihadist impulses that they seek to dampen with their well-intentioned, but defective, diplomacy.

"Jerusalem's recapture is seen by some as the launching pad for a new global jihad," Dore suggested.

Far from creating a political situation in which both Israelis and the Palestinians feel they have received equal benefits, such negotiations and final agreements on Jerusalem would have precisely the opposite effect. Those in the West who are urging Israel "to redivide Jerusalem by relinquishing its holy sites," Gold cautioned, "may well believe that they are lowering the flames of radical Islamic rage, but in fact they will only be turning up those flames to heights that have not been seen before."

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