Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Climbing the Ladder But Not Ascending

Peace Process to Nowhere -Elliott Abrams & Michael Singh

A stand-alone border agreement is a mirage.

For Israelis, more important than where the border lies is what lies beyond it - what security arrangements will be put in place to prevent a barrage of rockets originating from the West Bank, as they now do from Gaza?
(Foreign Policy)

Bad Ideas Come from Bad Premises -Bret Stephens

The consistent willingness of Western news organizations to downplay stories about Palestinian illiberalism and thuggery goes far to explain why so much of the world misdiagnoses the nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Settlements are a convenient alibi: They foster the illusion that the conflict can be resolved by Israeli territorial concessions alone. But if that were true, Gaza would have turned peaceful the moment settlements were withdrawn five years ago. The opposite happened.
(Wall Street Journal)

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