Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tobin: 'Clinton/Obama clueless'

Netanyahu Chooses the Lesser of Two Evils -Jonathan S. Tobin [pictured below]

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may be among the last people on Planet Earth to fail to understand that PA leader Mahmoud Abbas has neither the will nor the interest in signing a peace accord, no matter where Israel's borders are drawn. 

As much as Netanyahu would have been justified in bluntly and publicly telling Obama and Clinton that their demand for another freeze was wrong, that would have meant putting his country in the position to be accused of saying "no" to peace.

Over to You, Mr. Abbas -Editorial

With Israel on board, in step rather than in friction with Washington, it is Abbas who should come under pressure to compromise - and to take positions that give his people, and ours, the opportunity for genuine reconciliation and a secure future.
(Jerusalem Post)

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