Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Netanyahu makes Israel's case to Congress, Knocks it out of the park

Netanyahu Calls on Abbas to Say Six Vital Words

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, addressing a joint session of the U.S. Congress, said he was prepared to offer the Palestinians a “far-reaching compromise” if their president, Mahmoud Abbas, uttered six simple words: “I will recognize a Jewish state.”

In a wide-ranging speech punctuated by 30 standing ovations, Netanyahu praised the many thousands of brave young people standing up in the Arab world for democratic rights – rights that Israel’s Arab minority have enjoyed for decades.

He also warned that Iran’s militant Islamic leaders remained determined to build nuclear weapons and time was running out to stop them.

And he appealed directly to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to tear up his recent deal with Iranian-backed Hamas, whose Charter calls for murdering Jews, and enter peace talks with Israel to achieve a state.
[The Israel Project]

Applause Heard in White House, Around World
-Herb Keinon

The overall importance of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress was not in the substance, but rather in the overwhelmingly warm ovation he received.

Netanyahu could only dream of such a reception in Israel. Even his wife, Sarah, received a standing ovation when she entered the hall. The prime minister was applauded some 30 times, many of those accompanied by standing ovations. The nearly four-minute ovation he received when he entered the historic chamber was not only heard by Netanyahu, but also by President Obama, the Palestinians and the world at large. With all the talk of the country's sense of isolation, when Netanyahu spoke to the most important parliament in the world, it exuded nothing but warmth toward Israel.
(Jerusalem Post)

Bibi Rocks the House -Jennifer Rubin

The genuine expression of warmth and respect, but more important, agreement from Congress was undeniable. Netanyahu is a uniter - is there any issue on which the Congress is so totally united?
(Washington Post)


LHwrites said...

This really was an excellent presentation by Netanyahu. He comes across as a conciliatory peacemaker who only demands the most basic concessions, concede Israel has a right to exist too, and we will find a way to make peace. It would have been nice if our President communicated such basic fairness in his speech on the subject.

Bruce said...

I agree. In the dueling speeches, Netanyahu seems to have won. But the press coverage is'd think [from reading the NYTimes, for instance] that Netanyahu was rejecting Obama's peace proposal. Oy.