Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gaddafi's Sick Obsession: Female Bodyguards

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Gaddafi bodyguards subjected to genital mutilation

The female bodyguard contingent of Gaddafi who were known as "Sweet 72" or "Killer Beauties" were compelled to undergo Female Genital Mutilation [FMG].

[The bodyguards] were said to swear an oath that they would give their lives for him and it was claimed they never left his side, night or day. A special training college [put] the recruits through a tough physical program and girls who did not drop out emerged as trained killers, experts in firearms and martial arts.

[D]espite his insistence that his guards were chaste, rumors abounded that he was demanding their sexual favors. By rotation, all of the members of "Sweet 72" or "Killer Beauties" were having sexual [relations] with the Libyan autocrat.

Female Genital Mutilation, the term used for removal of all or just part of the external parts of the female genitalia, is a crime in the eyes of international law.
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Rabbi Bryan Kinzbrunner said...

I guess he was planning his world to come in this world. Maybe he had low expectations for the reward waiting for him.

Bruce said...

Indeed. The name "Sweet 72" has to be related to the 72 virgins expected by jihadis in heaven.

No one can find the guy...should be a heck of a gun fight with those ladies when they find him.

LHwrites said...

I would imagine it could be quite a shoot out. Some of this seems speculative though. I read the actual article and the sources and information are suspect and thin. The practice is still all too common in the region and so I would not rule it out, but still it will take a bit more evidence to be conclusive. Then again, this is not really the area of main concern with this guy. Still this barbarism and lack of consideration for the women would hardly be surprising under the circumstances.