Monday, January 16, 2012

Iran Threatens Neighbors

Iran Warns Gulf Oil States Not to Increase Exports -Farhad Pouladi

Iran has starkly warned Gulf states not to make up for any shortfall in oil exports under new U.S. and EU sanctions.

If they compensate for a looming EU ban on Iranian imports, "we would not consider these actions to be friendly," Iran's representative to OPEC, Mohammad Ali Khatibi, said. "They will be held responsible for what happens," he said, adding ominously: "One cannot predict the consequences."


LHwrites said...

One can predict; terrorist acts on their own soil and foreign soil just like the Iranian plan to assassinate the Saudi rep. I do not think the Saudis or anyone else is worried about an actual military strike and in fact might welcome such aggression that would allow them to request help from the US as happened in the first gulf war when the US liberated Kuwait.

Bruce said...

The chutzpah of the warning was what caught my attention. Their hostility is palpable and arrogance growing.

LHwrites said...

I think it is fear mongering by an extremely fearful country. I think they may suspect they are pushing the world a little too far and rather than appear weak by retreating they believe they might still be able to scare their neighbors into backing down first. The liberation of Kuwait is a good example that their neighbors can rely on the US. Something is coming; not sure yet if it will be a backdown or a showdown.

Bruce said...

Iran is now saying they'll negotiate [again] but sanctions have to be removed. I suspect Obama has gotten caught up in this newest Iranian diversion. I pray he doesn't fall for their delay tactics.