Friday, June 22, 2012

Is the West Embracing the Muslim Brotherhood?

Nice cat. Has Obama made the same mistake as Bush? 
Bush encouraged elections which brought Hamas to power; Obama encouraged elections which brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power.  Both unleashed forces they could not control. 

The West's Embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood -Dore Gold

According to the Los Angeles Times, U.S. officials said that they were "deeply concerned by an Egyptian military decree giving the generals sweeping powers to pass laws and decide whether to go to war."

This was a stunning statement, considering that the Muslim Brotherhood might still emerge as the winner. Right now, given the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and its ties to its Palestinian branch, Hamas, leaving Egypt's war-making powers with the Egyptian military is far safer for the world than transferring them to a Muslim Brotherhood government.

The British even went a step further than the Americans. The spokeswoman for the Foreign Office, Rosemary Davis, was interviewed this week by the Palestinian Maan news agency and reportedly declared that Britain was more concerned with the Egyptian military than with the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is a self-defeating approach. For if the West continues down this course and uncritically embraces the Muslim Brotherhood, then it will be extremely unlikely that it will temper its confrontational political program in the future and become a more moderate movement as many in the West presently hope.
(Israel Hayom)

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