Monday, June 04, 2012

The World's Favorite Charity

The Palestinian Authority has only had to sit back and collect the world's cash, like a money magnet

Where Did the PA's Money Go? -Barry Rubin

A reader asks: "Can you please explain to me why 20 years after Oslo and billions in dollars in foreign aid, the Palestinian Authority still has not built modern hospitals?"
Good question.

Short answer: Swiss bank accounts. In other words, a huge amount of the money has been stolen. The personal wealth of PA "president" Mahmoud Abbas is estimated at $100 million. Add onto that millions of dollars for a large number of PA and Fatah senior officials and you get the idea.

PA leaders have received more aid money per person than anyone else in history and yet the results have been remarkably unimpressive. The leaders have looted the money and used it as political pay-offs to buy patronage, paying off the huge security forces that guard the PA and provide jobs for its supporters and benefits for political supporters. Luxury apartments are going up but not hospitals, schools and infrastructure improvements.

Giving money to the PA supposedly supports the cause of peace, even though the PA isn't negotiating for peace.
(Jerusalem Post)

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