Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apple leaves Israel off the Map App

Apple's new Map App leaves Jerusalem without a star, which designates a capital city

New iPhones Snapped Up in Gaza Despite High Prices, Poverty        

Apple's new iPhone 5 is selling well in Gaza, despite prices almost double what it costs in the U.S. The phones arrive via smuggling tunnels.

Maariv last week reported that the iPhone 5's new Apple Maps application does not list Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and its built-in World Clock app shows Jerusalem as a city without an associated country.       

Join campaign “Amend Apple Maps to list Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” – click here.


Anonymous said...

well given that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel ...

BTW love your "non-partisan" line; it is pretty clear this is an Israeli propaganda blog

Bruce said...

Not funny...the attempts to elevate Tel Aviv to capital status is an attack on Israel's existence.

My line about "non-partisan" has to do with partisan politics in the USA.

You are quite correct, that this is a blog proud of its pro-Israel credentials. Its uniqueness is its intellectual focus.