Saturday, October 13, 2012

Syria: Will the Alawites Get Massacred or Will They Secure Separation?

The Alawites and the Future of Syria -Harold Rhode

For Alawites, the only solution [is] a separate Alawite state, or entity, where they could control their destiny and not be under the dreaded Sunni yoke.

The Alawites would be wise to fear that, whatever happens in Syria, the Sunnis will massacre them for having governed Syria and for having killed so many Sunnis during the current war. Assad, therefore, cannot give in. He and the Alawites - whether they support or oppose Assad - are fighting for their very existence.

The only way to end this civil war is to let them have control over their destiny - either as an autonomous region in Syria or as an independent entity. Whatever happens, they will insist that they remain well-armed. (Gatestone Institute)

Politically Incorrect Questions about Arab Politics -Aaron David Miller

If the Arabs democratize, they will do so in their own unique way consistent with their politics, culture and history. In a region still dominated by religious strictures, regional conflicts, and tribal and provincial divisions, the arc of history on democratization is bound to be a long one.
(National Interest)

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