Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Palestinian Strategy: Burning Bridges

Palestinians Burning their Bridges -Jonathan S. Tobin

The Palestinians have spent the last 20 years converting a strong Israeli majority in favor of the peace process into one that regards the whole concept as a dangerous fantasy.  

But rather than attempt to restart peace talks or to convince Israelis that the Palestinian goal is to end the conflict rather than to merely continue it on more advantageous terms, the Palestinians are planning on doubling down on their negative image. The PA plans to use its enhanced status at the UN to pursue specious charges of war crimes against Israelis in the International Criminal Court and advocate for sanctions and boycotts against the Jewish state.

While heightening Israel's isolation may seem like a smart thing to do in Ramallah, it won't do a thing to give the Palestinians a better life or to get them closer to peace or independence. By choosing to avoid the obvious path to peace, the Palestinians are burning their last bridges to the Israeli people.


LHwrites said...

Hard to argue that. I am sure a large swath of Palestinians have no clue what actually goes on and thinks their leaders have actually worked for peace at some point in the past. This is a sad situation that gets more pathetic each year.

Bruce said...

Nah. Polling of Paledtinian Arabs consistently show the same rejectionist posture of their leadership. They are actually in sync.