Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pink Floyd and Hamas

Too many psychedelic drugs may have clouded the judgment of Pink Floyd's Roger Waters

The above video highlights Roger Waters' flirtation with Hamas and Israel bashing
Roger Waters, composer, lyricist, singer and bassist for rock mega-group Pink Floyd, has also become a "hero to genocidal terrorists" in his later life, notes watchdog group Eye on the UN.

For millions of people worldwide who hold Pink Floyd's music dear to their hearts - the video may be a cause for some serious reflection on whether being a musical genius says anything about a person's morals, historical judgment and political acumen.
[Virtual Jerusalem]


Daniel Graybeal said...

i alway tried to like pink floyds music but it always tended to make me sleepy. now i'll just turn the station.

Bruce said...

Well said. Thx for your comment.