Monday, January 28, 2013

VideoBite: Settlement Policy Doesn't Prevent Peace

An excellent 13 minute video deliniating why Israel's settlements do not deter peace with her Arab neighbors. This segment features Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post, during a debate which took place at the Royal Geographical Society [UK] on January 15, 2013.

Note: If you cannot view video above, click HERE


Britain's National Sickness -Melanie Phillips

The insane belief that Israel is trying to wipe out the Palestinians is now common currency in British progressive circles. The belief that, in Israel, the victims of one of the greatest crimes against humanity are themselves now guilty of crimes against humanity is the collective libel that has become the default position amongst the British intelligentsia.

British Jews who support Israel and try to counter these Big Lies are treated as pariahs by baying mobs whose obsession with Israel has brought about nothing less than a mass derangement in British public debate. Self-defense against extermination is now considered a crime against humanity.
(Daily Mail-UK)


Joe Smiga said...

Caroline Glick did an excellent job in spelling out the reality in dealing with the Palestinians. They do not want peace. They plan to eliminate Israel piece by piece.

Bruce said...

Indeed. It is somewhat amazing that in 13 short minutes she was able to succinctly refute so many falsehoods. She is like our intellectual secret weapon.