Thursday, January 31, 2013

What the Palestinians Are Up To

Quiet Intifada: Abbas' Statehood Plan -Ron Ben-Yishai

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has begun implementing a plan to win international recognition for a state within the 1967 borders without obligating the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, give up the right of return, or agree to an Israeli military presence along the Jordan River.

In the first stage of Abbas' plan, the UN Security Council would recognize a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders. He then plans to return to the negotiation table with the sweeping support of the international community. If Israel insists on its demands, the international community would impose economic sanctions such as those imposed on the apartheid regime in South Africa.

The PA has begun to initiate dozens of provocations that involve a minimal level of violence such as building "outposts" in Area C, holding demonstrations, and throwing rocks and firebombs. Foreign news teams are invited to the scene in advance, so these incidents become victories in the Palestinian "awareness" campaign
(Ynet News)

PA Pays Monthly Salary to Ex-Prisoners for Life -Nasouh Nazzal  

Three released Palestinian prisoners who had been imprisoned in Israeli jails for less than five years are protesting at the entrance of the Tulkarem branch of the Ministry of Detainees' Affairs. The men are demanding monthly salaries along with medical insurance.

According to the Palestinian prisoners' law, only those who serve more than five years imprisonment receive monthly salaries for their lifetimes.

Once a Palestinian is arrested by Israeli military forces, the PA starts paying him 1,400 shekels a month; the prisoner's salary increases to 2,000 shekels after two years, 4,000 shekels after five years, and jumps to 6,000 shekels after ten years.

According to a new proposed law, released prisoners who served less than five years will be eligible for monthly salaries for half the time served in jail.   
(Gulf News-Dubai)

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