Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Six Minute Summary of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

 A cutting edge video highlighting MidEast mythology
[Hat tip: IsraelSeen.com]


John Vagabond said...

Epiphanies for change - excellent, Bruce. The root cause has always seemed to me to be that current decision-makers are simply not well enough versed in the historical roots of the problem, instead attempting to firefight something which has been out of control for decades.There are similarities in the ME - I lived in Kuwait for several years and the 'bedoon' or stateless people are in much the same position as the so-called Palestinians. They can't get statehood in Kuwait and many State provisions others enjoy is denied them and as for the Kuwaitis actually granting them a state of their own - the idea is ludicrous. The neighborhood Arab reluctance to grant statehood to their refugees is a clear parallel.

Bruce said...

Indeed...you are quite correct in your assessment that decision makers ignore history...even recent history. It seems that their quest for the grail is stronger than common sense.

The issue is plain to see: Arab rejectionism fuels the Arab-Israeli conflict. Period.

The relentless search for a formula reminds me of battered woman's syndrome: "he will change"