Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Iran Wants to Be "Nuclear Superpower"

Yuval Steinitz calls Iran out

Israel: Iran Wants Dozens of Bombs - Herb Keinon 

Iran is not looking for just a few nuclear bombs "in the basement," but rather to produce dozens each year, International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitz said.

Steinitz told a security conference that Iran's nuclear industry was "many times larger than that of either North Korea or Pakistan." He described the Iranian nuclear industry as designed "not to produce a few bombs, but to produce fissionable material for dozens and hundreds of nuclear bombs."

The issue, he said, is not only of Iran becoming a nuclear state, but rather becoming a "nuclear superpower."

According to Steinitz, Iran plans to expand the capability of the Natanz nuclear facility to enrich enough uranium to produce between 20 to 30 atomic bombs a year.
(Jerusalem Post)

Steinitz Discusses Iranian Threat

Steinitz said that within a decade, the Iranians will be able to have over 100 nuclear bombs.

Moreover, Iran is making a concentrated effort to develop a satellite launch vehicle, which is, in effect, cover for developing inter-continental ballistic missiles.

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