Friday, May 03, 2013

US-Israel Secret Understanding on Iran

Pentagon Redesigns "Bunker Buster" Bomb to Combat Iran -Adam Entous & Julian Barnes

U.S. officials said the U.S. and Israel have reached an understanding that they will assess the intentions of Iran's leaders after the June elections, and then, barring progress on the diplomatic track, shift to a detailed discussion of military options.
(Wall Street Journal)


Obama and Netanyahu's New Red Line on Iran -Ron Ben-Yishai

According to various reports, the American president and Israeli prime minister agreed on a new plan to block Iran's nuclear program, which calls for narrowing the gap between the Israeli and American red lines. Obama promised Netanyahu that if diplomatic efforts fail and the economic sanctions do not dissuade Iran from building an atomic bomb, the U.S. would act militarily to thwart these efforts.

The American leader also gave Netanyahu the "yellow light" for a unilateral operation against Iran. The light will turn green should the Israeli government conclude, after consulting with Washington, that it must bomb Iran in order to defend itself. Israel's promise to consult with the U.S. prior to a go-it-alone attack will secure Washington's diplomatic, military and logistical support - even if the White House believes the time has not yet come for military action in Iran.

During his meeting with Obama, Netanyahu clarified that Israel realizes the U.S. has superior capabilities which can delay or even destroy Iran's nuclear program - capabilities Israel does not have. Therefore, Israel prefers to wait for America to act on its own against Iran. Should Israel feel that it must act unilaterally, it wants to do so only after securing America's assistance.
(Ynet News)



LHwrites said...

These sound reasonable and likely. Iran made tactical errors declaring its desire to wipe Israel off the face of the earth before it had nukes. North Korea had the good sense to wait until it was somewhat armed before making crazy threats. I think it will end badly for them if Iran tries to complete its nuclear program and I think they are beginning to see Israel and the US are not bluffing and Iran is also seeing that when faced with clear threats China will not unequivocally back North Korea and Iran cannot assume they will be treated better by China or Russia if they go too far as well.

Bruce said...

I am a bit more pessimistic about the outcome, but i hope you are right!