Monday, June 03, 2013

Book Review: One Came Back

The compelling new novel that completes a trilogy on Iranian sleeper cells in the United States

The Terrorist Next Door -Bruce

In this stunning, stand-alone novel, Joe Smiga completes his trilogy built around the frightening idea that Iranian terror cells are operating in the United States. 

The first installment reads like an extended episode of the Fox hit "24."  The second places the reader in the odd and discomforting position of seeing the world through the eyes of our enemies. 

One Came Back, his newest [and final] installment brings us face to face with the domestic life of a terrorist, as he contemplates returning for one final attack.  The twists and turns in this novel will amaze you.  Joe Smiga's wordsmith skills are on full display as we are taken full steam ahead into a budding romance and eventually into the bedroom of our Iranian killer.  Why does it matter that an Iranian terrorist is a sensitive lover?  You'll have to read this gem to find out. 

This is no attempt to humanize terrorists or rationalize their evil.  In fact, its normalization of terrorists leaves one chilled to the bone and unsettled. 

After digesting this novel you will feel like an old friend stopped talking to you.  You may even find yourself wishing our killer well. 

Highly recommended.
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