Friday, June 07, 2013

Gaza's Rat Holes

Gaza's Underground Rocket Launch Network - Elior Levy 

Senior military elements in Gaza understood after the 2009 Gaza War that rocket launchers had become very easy targets for the IDF, due to Israel's technological superiority.

Initially, they tried firing from populated areas, inside schools and even cemeteries, but relatively precise counterterrorism efforts demanded they find another solution.

So in recent years, tunnels in Gaza have been converted for use as hidden rocket launchers. When necessary, a window opens and the launcher emerges, returning immediately inside after shooting.

The conversion of tunnels made the firing of rockets more efficient, especially during the fighting in November 2012.

An intricate underground network was created, intended to preserve the ability of terrorists to fire rockets after an IDF attack, even if one tunnel is hit.
According to sources in Gaza, during the 2012 fighting there were no fatalities of men in the launch pits.

(Ynet News)

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