Monday, July 15, 2013

Is the US Undermining Israel?

Trusting the U.S. to Keep Secrets - Alex Fishman

Sources in the Pentagon who are selling Israeli secrets to the American media know that they are jeopardizing clear Israeli interests in the region and putting the lives of Israel's citizens in danger. When it happens once, it could be someone's slip of the tongue. When it happens twice - it's a work plan.

On May 5, warehouses containing Hizbullah-bound Iranian Fateh-110 missiles were attacked in the Damascus area. Several hours after the bombing, American government officials rushed to point a finger at Israel as the country behind the attack. After May's leak the Americans apologized, explaining that it was the work of low-ranking officials, saying there was a commission of inquiry.

Then on Friday, after an attack on a military base north of Latakia believed to contained Yakhont coastal missiles, the Americans once again pointed a finger at Israel as the country responsible. The American government, Israel's strategic partner, is being revealed as unreliable.
(Ynet News)

Eiland: U.S. Leaks on Attacks in Syria Problematic - Yoav Zitun

Former Israel National Security Council head Maj.-Gen. Giora Eiland said, the attacks in Syria "are clean in that they do not leave fingerprints and are conducted in a way that does not allow the Syrians to photograph the plane or ship which attacked, and in a way that does not push (President Bashar) Assad into a corner."

"The American leaks (regarding alleged Israeli operations in Syria) are problematic."
(Ynet News)


LHwrites said...

This is a very strange situation. Hard to see a benefit to U.S interests in doing this.

Bruce said...

Unless those making US foreign policy decisions wanna stick it to Israel when they can do so without consequence.

LHwrites said...

But if that were the case I would have to stand by my original assessment--what benefit to the U.S.? In international politics it is rare to do much of anything without a benefit---real or possibly only perceived. Just a strange situation.

Bruce said...

I have long suspected that there are some in the State Department and others in the Obama leadership group, who are driven by animus toward Israel [rather than US interests].