Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yawn: Palestinians Stand Still as MidEast Moves Forward

The Boring Palestinians - Bret Stephens
  • For all its presumed importance, the Palestinian saga has gotten awfully boring, hasn't it? The grievances that remain unchanged, a cast of characters that never alters. We get it. We just don't give a damn anymore.
  • If this were a TV drama, it would be 'The X-Files' in its 46th season.
  • The region is moving tumultuously forward. Israel is dynamic, threatened, innovative, evolving. Egypt careens between revolution and restoration. Lebanon is on the brink, Iran is on the march, Syria is in its agony. Only the Palestinians remain trapped in ideological amber.
  • How long can the world be expected to keep staring at this four-million-year-old mosquito?
(Wall Street Journal)


LHwrites said...

An interesting interpretation. Hopefully the changes in Egypt will spur the Palestinians to make some positive changes for their future, but it is true that past experience should not make anyone very optimistic.

Bruce said...

Indeed...Abbas' approach to staying relevant is to stir up the anti-Israel pot at the UN and other venues as available.

John Vagabond said...

On a parallel note, there are quite a number of expatriate 'palestinians' in various locations in the ME who claim the so-called 'occupied territories'as home. They dress in national costume, hold parades and big up nationalistic fervour in their countries of residence, never for one moment willing to abandon a cosy lifestyle elsewhere to 'go home and build'. Instead, a lot of noise is made but there's little substance to it.

Bruce said...

Noise is the essence of the Palestinian narrative. There is barely any accurate substance. You are right on target.
Thanks again for your readership and comments.
B :)