Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bloody Tuesday

"Bloody Mess"
Photography by trutildeathxxx using latex

Palestinian Prisoners to Be Released on Tuesday - Sammy Hudes

The Palestinian prisoners released [today] include:

Fayez Mutawi al-Khur, who murdered Menahem Dadon in Gaza in 1983.
Salah Ibrahim Ahmed Mugdad, who murdered Israel Tenenbaum in Netanya by striking him on the head with an iron bar.

Samir Nayef al-Na'neesh, who murdered IDF reservist Binyamin Meisner in 1989.

Salameh Abdallah Musleh, who murdered Reuven David in 1991.

Salah Mahmoud Mukled, who stabbed to death his Jewish employer Yeshayahu Deutsch in 1993 in a Gush Katif greenhouse.

Mohamed Abdel Majid Sawalha and Hosni Faregh Sawalha, who stabbed to death Baruch Yaacov Heisler on a bus in 1990.

Midhat Fayez Barbakh, who stabbed to death his employer Moshe Beker in Rishon Lezion.

Ali Ibrahim al-Rai, who murdered Moris Eisenstatt, 79, by striking him in the head with an axe as he sat on a public bench in Kfar Saba.

Faraj Saleh al-Rimahi, who murdered Avraham Kinstler, 84, with an axe.

Ala Eddin Ahmed Abu Sitteh and Ayman Taleb Abu Sitteh, who stabbed to death

David Dadi, 43, and Hayim Weizman, 33, in their sleep in Ramle.

Khaled Mohamed Asakreh, who stabbed to death French tourist Annie Ley.

Nihad Yusef Jundiyeh and Mohamed Mahmoud Hamdiyeh, who stabbed to death Zalman Shlein. 
(Jerusalem Post)

Israel Refuses to Apologize for Building in Its Capital - Mati Tuchfeld

As Israel was set to release the first wave of Palestinian prisoners as part of its deal to start peace talks, tenders were announced for hundreds of new housing units in Jerusalem. Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel noted: "No other nation on the planet accepts diktats from other countries on where it can build and where it can't. We're going to continue issuing tenders for apartments and we're going to build all over Israel, according to our citizens' needs." 
(Israel Hayom)

Kerry: Israeli Housing Announcement Was Expected - Adiv Sterman

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that he didn't think the recent flap over Israeli settlement announcements will derail Mideast peace talks, which are scheduled to resume this week. According to Kerry, the Israeli move was expected.

Israeli diplomatic sources quoted by Channel 10 News noted that while the Palestinians demanded a settlement freeze as a precondition to peace talks, Israel did not accept such terms. "Israel has never promised not to build," adding that the approved units were in a location which, Palestinians agree, will remain in Israeli hands even after the signing of any future agreement.
(Times of Israel)


Palestinian Heroes - Editorial

The Israeli decision to release the prisoners was shortly followed by the approval of additional construction permits for housing in east Jerusalem and West Bank settlements. The move elicited howls of condemnation, as if building houses is more objectionable than murdering people in cold blood
(Wall Street Journal)

Leprous Role Models - Dan Margalit

It pains us to release 104 terrorists, partly because of the means they used to kill Jews indiscriminately and partly because one needs a unique personality structure to be able to murder an old man sitting on a bench, using a heavy tool to deliver blow after blow, again and again.

Ponder for a moment to whom the Palestinians will one day look as the national symbols of their past fight. Axe murderers and child stabbers? Those are leprous role models.
(Israel Hayom)

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