Thursday, August 15, 2013

Israeli Politician Blasts Kerry

Ayelet Shaked, a brave Israeli politician, probably speaks for most Israelis

MK Shaked attacks Kerry -Ainav Weisberg

Following the release of 26 Palestinian prisoners as the first part of 4 planned releases as an Israeli gesture for the renewal of peace talks with the Palestinians, member of Knesset Ayelet Shaked (Haba’it Hayehudi Party) sent a letter, unusual in its aggressive tone, to American Secretary of State John Kerry, in which she abandons all accepted rules of diplomacy.

In light of the current situation which you created – I feel that I cannot limit myself to the restrictions of ‘political correctness’ and so I allow myself to pass my message in the most direct way” Shaked began her unusual letter.

Mister Secretary of State, by forcing Israel to submit to terror and to release terrorists with so much blood on their hands – such prisoners that the US itself would never dream of releasing - not only are you being extremely hypocritical, but you are in fact performing experiments, gambling and putting my life and my children’s lives in danger” Shaked wrote.

 You acted with stupidity and put us in an impossible situation.”

The Knesset member called the American pressure to release prisoners “absurd, cynical and especially cruel”, due to the fact that Washington refuses to release Jonathan Pollard, even though he has served 27 years so far. “The price of releasing over a hundred murderers will be paid by me, my family and my people and not by you”, Shaked wrote. 

 “How will you afford the terrible price you are leading us to? You forced us to start talks at a time when the whole Middle East is in chaos. Without understanding your actions, you have stupidly put us in an impossible situation, in which we can make no concessions”.

With your very own hands you have raised expectations in the area to
dangerous levels, which could put the whole area into an uncontrollable spin, the minute expectations are so unrealistic, as has happened so many times in the past", Shaked wrote.

In summation she added: “I suggest that you continue your work in a more relevant and efficient manner, by focusing on Syria and Egypt, where people are truly being slaughtered”.
[Jerusalem Online]

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