Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Kerry's Mission


Satirical video shows mock Kerry offering humorous solutions to the Israeli- Palestinian dilemma
- Herb Keinon

Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians will likely require more time than the April 29 deadline, U.S. officials acknowledged. The Americans now view the date they originally set to be "artificial" and suggest that even the framework might need more time, given some important gaps that still remain.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  dismissed as "absurd" the notion that Israel would sign an agreement recognizing a nation-state for the Palestinian people without mutual recognition by the Palestinians of Israel as the nation-state of the Jews.
"Now let's see if those same elements in the international community, which until now have placed pressure only on Israel, will make clear to the Palestinians what exactly the ramifications will be for them if there will not be an agreement," Netanyahu said.  
(Jerusalem Post)



State Department Spokeswoman
Responds To Spoof Video:

Another spoof of Kerry and American foreign policy,
but this time it's in Hebrew:


LHwrites said...

Sadly, the threat of these hypocritical boycotts is real, and members of Israel's government are now making sure it is clear that Kerry,and the Obama Administration, has been nothing but anti-boycott and supportive of Israel. It is worth noting that everyone in Israel's government does not agree with Netanyahu's statements around negotiations, nor is there agreement that Israel must be recognized as the homeland of the Jews, though something concrete has to be done in the negotiations to deal with ending the notion of wholesale "right of return".

Bruce said...

I'm not so sure I'd characterize Kerry's current antics as supportive of Israel. The guy needs to brush up on his study of Mideast dynamics. He knows not what he's stirring up.

Bruce said...

Here's a short ditty from the JPost:

77 Percent of Israeli Jews Believe Abbas Must Recognize Jewish State - Gil Hoffman (Jerusalem Post)

As part of a framework agreement with the Palestinians, 77% of Israeli Jews believe it is important that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people, while 21% disagree, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University.