Friday, January 31, 2014

Confrontation on the Mount of Olives


Allah Is a Zionist - Yishai Fleisher

One day I was on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem in a park overlooking the Temple Mount when two Arab youths menacingly approached me and told me that I had no business being there. I utilized a deep-seated Muslim theological premise - submission to Allah's will.

"You know, Allah loves you," I told them. "Allah has given you 22 Arab countries...and just as He has given you all those lands, so too, He has given us Israel and Jerusalem. How else can you explain all this?"

I pointed at the panorama of Jerusalem with its many cranes building for the next generation.

"How were we able to build all this? Are we, Jews, better than you? More numerous than you? It is the will of God that we Jews are on this land in spite of the rest of the world. Allah gave you much, but Al-Quds [Jerusalem] He gave to us."

This had an amazing effect on my Arab interlocutors. Without a word they turned and left.
(Jerusalem Post)


LHwrites said...

Impressive monologue. Hard to believe it worked, but impressive.

Bruce said...

I had the exact same reaction.

John Vagabond said...

The Mount of Olives is always a bit risky. Whenever I go, I dress like a tourist.

Bruce said...

I went as a tourist with my wife in the mid-1980's. When we declined a camel ride, the camel guy berated us in anti-Semitic fashion.

Sounds like things have not improved since then!