Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Invisible Palestinian Suffering

Silence about Palestinian suffering in Yarmouk, Syria

Critics of Israel Silent as Arabs Starve Palestinians - Walter Russell Mead

Silence reigns among Israel's critics as Palestinians suffer brutality at the hands of pro-Assad forces in Syria. In the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus, residents are undergoing a campaign of forced starvation, as pro-regime forces are blocking the flow of food and medicine. Yarmouk's population has dwindled from 160,000 to 18,000 since the civil war began.

Of course if Israel did anything even remotely this heinous, everyone including the UN General Assembly would be screaming in righteous wrath.

The total silence among Israel-bashers while Palestinians are starved and murdered tells us that the suffering of Palestinians only becomes visible when Israelis do something to them
(American Interest)

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LHwrites said...

A sad situation and a pathetic, true state of affairs. I think the world plays out their frustration with the region in criticizing Israel, somehow believing that they should, and could, make everything okay if they would just do something differently. But what is going on almost everywhere else, to some degree, in the MidEast, should remind and inform the world that the problems in the region have nothing to do with Israel. In fact, Israel just gives a "Red Herring-like Focal Point" to a situation that would explode terribly if Israel wasn't there to bear the brunt of all of this displaced anger.